Yasmin is a female Cat Jewelpet who represents Justice.


Yasmin has a light yellow fur, a chartreuse tail and chartreuse ears. She has a white ear and chest fluff. Both series where she debuts, Jewelpet Candado and Jewelpet Peaceful Candadia, she usually wears a gardener dress (Picture not shown).


As the Jewelpet of Justice, Yasmin usually help her partner, Sabrina Hanayume to defend Candadia. Yasmin also uses her jokes to find out who is evil and who is nice. She also hates copy-pastes without licensing, like what Khristian Alcantara is doing to Lolip and Rosa.

Charm Form


Yasmin's charm awakening GIF.

Yasmin's charm is oval-shaped and colored light blue, with a butterfly-shaped green jewel in the middle. In the bottom, there was a green crescent shape with pink flowers ornament. On the top, there was a clover ornament.

Human Form (Jewelpet Peaceful Candadia)

Yasmin's Miracle Change resembles Ichigo Hoshimiya from Aikatsu!, but she wears a green and white headband resembling her ears and a green-blue-orange dress. She still have the same blonde hair as Ichigo, but her eyes are green and blue.


  • Light, Nature and Water Manipulation (these powers are already made before BoBoiBoy did, and they were ACCIDENTALLY same, not stealing)
  • Turning into a Rabbit Jewelpet
  • Miracle Change


  • Yasmin is a half rabbit and a half cat.
  • Yasmin is similar to Peridot and Milky but her relationship with them is unknown.
  • Her flower is the jasmine.

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