I'd like to ask you, once you enter Candadia, what Fairy Type are you? Answer these questions to know it, because some fairy habits are the same as human habits (ex: I like to pick my nose, maybe you too)

Q1: What is your favorite food

  • Hot Cocoa
  • Tea
  • Flower nectar
  • Ice cream

Q2: What do you prefer?

  • Letting your crush exam cheating and you're scolded by a teacher but it's better than losing your crush (The teacher will burn you... Hohoho...)
  • You don't let he/she cheat but you are hated by your crush (Very pity, though)
  • Better die than scolded or hated (Pushuuu~)
  • You are not doing the test rather than getting badlucks from school (KA-BOOM!)

Q3: Want to be an admin?

  • Yes (but it's just a lie broh hahaha...)
  • No (but you can't be an admin forever)
  • I want to be your poop! (Ew... really?)
  • I am an admin... (but sadly on another wiki)