Need help about your User Diary? Or maybe you don't know where to post things? Here, I can tell you!

Q1: How do I write a User Diary?

It's easy. I will tell you how to do it.

  • First, write your Diary title with Heading 2 font, then write ❄Diary❄
  • Second step, write your Diary Caption under the title. You can write it with Normal Text or Heading 3 font.
  • Third step, under the Diary Caption, give symbols or Emojis to make a limit between the Diary Caption and the contents.
  • Fourth step, write "Diary Posts °~Content~° under the limit with the Heading 2 font.
    • If you want to make an Opening Caption under that "Diary Posts °~Content~°" texts, please follow the 5th step!
  • Fifth step, if you want to make an Opening Caption (like what is described in Sub-point 4), write ~~°°Contents°°~~ with bold text and normal text font under the Opening Caption to make a limit between the Opening Caption and the Posts.
  • Sixth step, this is for everyone, before posting, please write the Post Number!
    • Examples:
      • Post 1: Wtf, Jewelpet Candado...
      • Post 2: Mangyaring, Sabrina Hanayume ng prinsesa!

Q2: How do I like and comment the posts of a Diary?

You can comment in the Diary Comment. Whenever you comment, please write it like the example below.. If you want to like, just write "Like: Post --number---"

For example:

  • Like: Post 1
  • I miss Candadia too. (Post 1)

If you have more Questions, please comment! I will reply!

By Candadian Angel~