User Diary sample. Actually, a User Diary is a fanart-able page.

User Diary Info

A user Diary is a page that users can scribble/fanarting.. Usually, we just know that only userpages is the page we can scribble/fanarting. Now, since the User Diary was added, we can scribble up to 2 pages!

User Bonus

  • Can scribble up to 2 pages:
    • Userpage
    • User Diary

Admin/Founder Bonus

  • Can scribble up to 2 pages or more:
    • Userpage
    • Infinite User Diary
    • Admin Scribble Paper (coming soon)

Are you interested to request a User Diary or Admin Scribble Paper? Tell Sabrina Hanayume in her Message Wall to request one!

  • Note: Admin Scribble Paper is only for Admins, and only can be requested 1 per account.

Need help?

  • Click here for help/FAQs about the User Diary feature.
  • Click here to see all the User Diaries, even yours!