Sabrina Hanayume (花夢サブリナ) is the Princess of Candadia. She became the Princess because King Ramir has found her after chased by Khristian Alcantara.


Sabrina is an active girl who is very clever and smart. She really wants to kill Herman (Jewelpet) and Khristian Alcantara. As the Princess of Candadia, Sabrina's manners is very well. Her abilities are often called "awesome" and she learns some magic from Yasmin.

Sabrina's magic spells is now super-perfect, not like when she awake Yasmin from her charm and make her species cursed. She is also having a crush on Prince Ryan so Ryan would be a prince again.... Probably.

Because Sabrina's hate of Khristian Alcantara, she made the Khristian Alcantara Haters Club.


Sabrina has a lime-to-blue gradient hair in a bob style. She usually wearing a green and brown themed farmer dress instead of a princess gown. She also like wearing her lime and gray fairy dress. She's also hating to wear her tiara, her comment is only "Ah it's heavy", but Sabrina prefers to wear headbands, hair clips or garlands, because she say it's fluffy.


  • Candadian Magic (original power like in Jewelpet Magical Change, but instead of "Magical -thing-", it uses "Miracle -thing-")
  • Fairy Change (It's like the powers in Winx Club)
  • Light manipulation
  • Plants manipulation

Relationships (Friend/Enemy)

Official Accounts


Sabrina Anime You're a Cocoa Fairy like Sabrina Hanayume!!

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