Here are the reason to hate Sabrina and her fake Jewelpet.

  1. Sabrina is a art thief
  2. Sabrina is a faker, because she is not real fan of Jewelpet, she is using this to hate Khristian for unreasonable reasons.
  3. Sabrina is Sanrio's biggest insult and a blaspheme to Jewelpet franchise.
  4. Sabrina ha multiple account to fool all of you.
  5. Sabrina google translated her Tagalog and Japanese reference. Only 2 language she can speak is Indonesian and English with bad grammar and taste.
  6. She stole someone's else fanart to create Yasmin.
  7. She is an ally to Kim Jong Un and to the isis.
  8. Her family is a Nazi descent.
  9. She is also helping Abu Sayyaf and the Isis.
  10. She is immature.
  11. She is the goddess of Cringe