Lilly Kiraniji is the human partner of Rosie. She is a Flower Fairy.


Lilly has a blonde, long hair with some parts tied. She has a green eye. Lilly also wears a pale pink fairy styled dress.


Unlike what she looks like, Lilly is very... Um, what you can describe it..., she acts like a villager. Lilly usually walks barefoot and she usually called "suddenly gone like a ghost". But, actually she isn't going away, she is climbing a tree and following her friends, Sabrina and Stella. Lilly is also calm and friendly, until Rosie, the Jewelpet of Peace came to improve her calmness. Her personality is more like Fuwari Midorikaze from PriPara.



Lilly Anime You are a Flower Fairy like Lilly Kiraniji!!

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