King Ramir is the King of Candadia, who had a real name Ramir Hanayume. And he named Prince Ryan with Ryan Hanayume name long ago, but he changed it into Ryan de Cadena when he adopted Sabrina. King Ramir leads Candadia with one motto: Freedom and Peace. He even creates a planetary central, named Ramiriaze, it's the center of Candadia.


King Ramir is someone who was fair and loves freedom and peace. He has a power to keep the freedom and peace inside Candadia. Ramir's powers are also owned by Sabrina and Ryan. Ramir is also a legendary Padlock. When Ramir is angry, he just talk like usually but with sharp words, and usually his teeth became fangs like in the photo when he is angry. That photo is when Ramir is angry!


King Ramir wears a crown (he's a king!) and a black cloak. His teeth and eyes became sharp when he is angry. He also has a black mustache. He uses keys as his hands and feet, as well as the other Padlocks. He also have a name tag on his head.


  • Marietta Hanayume-- His wife.
  • Sabrina Hanayume-- His daughter, his BELOVED daughter even if Sabrina is a human.
  • Yasmin-- Ramir's Jewelpet, the Jewelpet their family own.




  • Ramir is the first character who made a city, and the first legendary character in Jewelpet Peaceful Candadia.
  • It was also known that Ramir is Sabrina's real father who turned into a Padlock.

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