Candadia's Story poster.

Welcome to Candadia ♪

Far away, up in the sky... There was a fairy land called Candadia. But, something was missing. Would you follow the story to find it?

And, more coming soon episodes~♪

Candadia's Story is a story about a little girl named Sabrina Hanayume. Her parents are never going home since she was 3 and later it was discovered that Sabrina's parents turn into Padlocks, named Ramir and Marietta. They have a son named Ryan, but Ryan insults his parents and then his name, Ryan Hanayume was changed into Ryan Decadena and he was kicked out from the Hanayume family.

Before Sabrina finds her parents in Candadia, Sabrina found Yasmin, the Jewelpet. And they found Candadia is in danger, invaded by Khristian Alcantara...

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