カンダディアの愛  ❄Diαry❄

Kumusta ♪ Sa talaarawan na ito, isusulat ko ang lahat ng bagay tungkol sa aking minamahal na inang-bayan, Candadia ! Mangyaring tamasahin ang aking talaarawan ♪


Diary Posts °~Content~°

「How to Use Diαry」

You can see the User Diary Help to find some help about your User Diary!


Post 1: 

AdminLight This user is αn Admin Fαiry~ ❣ She/he's α Cαndαdiαn King/Queen ♡♥♡♥

The GIFs just cheer my heart... I feel lonely without LINE Play.

I've made a promise to my best friend, to send a gift in LINE Play.

That promise would save my life... I will find the light of LINE Play again! But... Something just bothered me... I'm scared...

The Exam Ghost will come! Hurry, play games to defeat him! He hates games!

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